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A) Secret Door to ambush Kobold
B) Cursed Gold
C) 3 1st Level Kobold Warriors (161, monster manual)
D) Locked Door [d18 to break] (61, dm guide)

The room is relatively clean, despite the rumours of it being abandoned. The wall in front of you is slightly discolored, and there is a pile of orange coins in the corner. It smells slightly of mildew and it is difficult to see in the darkness.
[(sound check d9) The faint sounds of claws clicking on the stone floors can be heard.]

[If taken, the gold sets this curse upon the thief:
-1 cha, -1 int, -1 wis per coin taken
Furthermore, the gold's new owner will be skeptical to all magics and superstitions including that of 'cursed coins'. They will be reluctant to give up the coins they have.]

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A) Monsterous Spider (288)
B) Chest w/ basic arrow trap
- p. 70 + p. 55 DM guide
C) Unlocked Door w/ symbols
- Circled lightning
- + serpent
D) Door - unlocked

This room is in quite a state of disrepair. Dust and droppings cover the floor while the walls are covered in cobwebs. Not to mention the human remains entangled in that spider web.
As you enter the room, you hear a startled hiss from the ceiling and a huge spider drops to the floor.

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A) Pseudodragon (hidden) (210, monster manual)

This is another strangely clean room. There are some open chests scattered about, already emptied.
[sound check d9: You think you hear something, but... no, it must be your imagination.]
[sound check d20: You hear a strange hissing sound coming from somewhere above you.]
[spot check d9: You think you see something, but... no, it must be your imagination.]
[spot check d18: You look around for something, but see nothing. Mostly because a small lizard-like creature just launched itself at you, latching onto your face.]
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