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Now, you're absolutely sure you want to keep running until you hit something.
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Tuesday, March 28th, 2006
1:58 pm
12:40 pm
Wait, what're we doing here, anyways?
"Congratulations, Young adventurers!" the King, O He Who Rules Thi'lan, shouts, waving his arms above his head in a congratulatory manner. "You who have answered the call for heroes."
He sits, pausing for a moment.
"Your quest, should you choose to accept it,"
--Guards surround you, making it clear that you damn well better accept it--
"Is this. There is an abandoned dungeon south of here, my guards will take you to it, where cunning thieves have hidden their bounty. Booty. Whatever. They've fled the area, of course, but we're certain that the gems and such are still there. You're free to keep whatever you find. However, a royal heirloom, the Dragon's Eye, was stolen some time ago, and We'd really rather have it back, now. Bring it back to me, and you will be 3,000 coins richer. Five hundred up front of course, for each of you, to buy weapons and such. Any questions?"
He holds a bag of coins out to you.

[If asked about the dragon's eye, the King, O He Who Rules Thi'lan, gets nervose and informs you that it's just a gem. Just decoration and such. He'd rather have it back as soon as possible, really, so off you go.]

Dragon's EyeCollapse )
Monday, March 27th, 2006
11:31 pm
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